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Lilian Place Museum
Escape Rooms

"Night at the Museum"
Let the adventure begin...

Lilian Place Museum is where history comes alive!  Notes, clues and puzzles have been left by historic people to find the artifact, find the key, find the clues to escape the room, solve the mystery, find the treasure...within 60 minutes.


The Thompson Family, Dr. Josie Rogers, Stephen Crane, James Gamble, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Mary Burgoyne, Lucile (the ghost), Bill "the Real" McCoy, & more are there to help guide you in your quest.

Each room is filled with a series of locks, clues and puzzles.  Players have 60 minutes to escape a themed room.  Work as a team and be observant to solve the mystery in each room before time runs out.

The goal is simple but the game is challenging.  With exciting room themes, challenging puzzles and clues, the Night at the Museum Escape room is fun for groups or small teams!  Perfect for family outings, a night out with friends, or a team building experience with your co-workers or teammates. Testing your skills and your ability to keep calm under pressure, this real life game experience will keep you jumping until the very end.


Schedule your "Night at the Museum" Escape Room today!  

Available Friday November 11th or Saturday November 12th from 4-10PM

Choose your room to solve and escape within 60 minutes!

Can YOU make it out in time?

Select your teams themed Museum Escape Room below,

choose your date and time, and purchase your ticket now

to let the adventure begin!


Escape Room #1

Escape from the

Ghostly Realm

"When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls. Whenever candlelights flicker where the air is deathly still — that is the time when ghosts are present.  As the moon climbs high o'er the dead oak tree Spooks arrive for the midnight spree."
Disney's The Haunted Mansion

The Thompson Clock has the power to bring all of the spirits of Lilian Place (Lucile [Lucy], Pat, Francis, Stephen Crane & Cora to name a few...) into the realm of the living!

Each night at midnight as the moon climes high the spirits of Lilian Place arrive to help solve a mystery but for only 60 minutes. 

Everyone must return to the ghostly realm after time runs out. Including you unless you solve the mystery!

Find clues to open the door or join the spirits of Lilian Place in the ghostly realm forever!

Escape their ghostly fate.

For 4-8 people 
$25 +Tax Per Person (Minimum 4 per room)


Escape Room #2

Find the

Bootlegger's Hideout!

It's the 1920's Prohibition era.  Bill McCoy, and his brother Ben are boat builders from Holly Hill. They are in dire need of a way to make money to stay alive. and they become rum-running bootleggers! 
Bill's an "honest lawbreaker"!  He's known as the "Real McCoy" bootlegger of the purist, undiluted, moonshine liquor and selling it off his ship the "Tomoka" in international waters. 
But before he can get the moonshine to the Tomoka he has to smuggle it to his hidden hideout and avoid the US Coastguard.  It's so hidden he even gets lost getting there. So he's left clues, puzzles and codes in Lilian's Speakeasy Lounge to find the hideout and smuggle the booze!

You have been recruited to join Bill McCoy's gang of moonshine smugglers at Lilian's 1920's Speakeasy!

Help Bill crack codes to smuggle the moonshine to the bootleggers hideout!

But be quick the local police are 60 minutes away.  Crack the codes before they reach the Speakeasy!

Can you reach the hideout?  Or will you be captured in the illegal speakeasy!

For 4-8 people $25 +Tax Per Person
(Minimum 4 per room)

ivory soap ad.jpg

Escape Room #3

Mystery of the

Stolen Formula

James Gamble, of  Proctor & Gamble, is a neighbor of the Thompsons of Lilian Place.  Someone has stolen the formula of his companies most important product, "Ivory Soap"! 


Despite James Gamble's knowledge of chemistry, the company's discovery of the famous household product in 1879 was purely accidental and now the only copy of the formula has been stolen.


The thief has sent a letter with clues to the hiding place of the formula, but you only have 60 minutes to find it. or it will be destroyed!


James heard that Miss Lilian Thompson is an amateur detective.  He recruits Miss Lil and her team of detectives, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and a few other famous friends to find a series of clues, puzzles and keys to solve the mystery!

Find the formula in the next 60 minutes or Ivory Soap will be gone forever!  Then we'll have to go back to bathing in the murky waters of local rivers and streams. Yuck!!


You have been recruited by Miss Lil to solve the mystery!  But you only have 60 minutes!  Find that formula before time runs out! 

For 4-8 people $25 +Tax Per Person

(Minimum 4 per room)

What do we do?


Find Friends


Book Online


Arrive On-Time


Find Clues



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