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Don't miss this event at Lilian Place 1884 Museum! 
Lilian's Whodunit Mystery Dinner!

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You are invited to

Lilian Place for a Whodunit Mystery and Dinner


Enjoy dinner and an evening of mystery on the riverfront

at Lilian Place 1884 Museum where history comes alive!

The Victorians loved their traditions, etiquette, and of course-

a good mystery!


Enjoy a delicious 4-course dinner and

a crime, murder, mystery is afoot!

You join the investigation to attempt to discover who committed the crime

at Lilian Place!


Notes, clues, and puzzles have been left

to find the artifact, find the key, find the clues to solve the mystery!

We need your help figuring out who dun it?

what weapon was used? why the artifact was stolen?

where the crime took place?


Begin the evening enjoying a decadent dinner then...

when your host is found dead or an important piece of history is stolen 

you interrogate the suspects, collect the clues in museum’s Victorian era rooms,

and hopefully, solve the mystery.


Join our cast for an unforgettable experience

as we present for your entertainment

"The Crime Writer's Elite Club Murder Mystery"

It is the 50th annual meeting of the Crime Writer’s Elite Club

and Sir Aubrey St. Clair’s annual dinner to highlight the years crème-de-la-crème of crime writing authors. 

You find yourselves invited to step inside the pages of the mystery!


Fun, Food, and a Mystery to solve –

all in one memorable night!

Includes a 4-course dinner and mystery!

Entree choices:

Chicken Saltimbocca or Beef Wellington with roasted potatoes and chef choice vegies,

or Vegetarian = Pesto Cauliflower Gnocchi

Check in 6:45-7pm

Dinner and Mystery start at 7pm

111 Silver Beach, Daytona Beach

$74.95+tx per person

Seating is limited. Only 12 tickets available each night.

Or, contact us to schedule your own private mystery dinner for 10-12 guests!

Our cast of characters may include:


The Thompson Family, Dr. Josie Rogers, Stephen Crane, James Gamble, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Charles and Mary Burgoyne, Lucile (the ghost), Bill "the Real" McCoy, & more to help guide you in your quest.

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