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Don't miss this event at Lilian Place 1884 Museum!

You are invited to Lilian Place

as the guests of Mr. Boddy. 



Saturday April 23rd


Encore performance - Saturday April 30th

A Murder Mystery Dinner Party


based on the original board game-

It’s the classic murder mystery!

Who did it? With what weapon? In which Victorian room? 


But when your host is found dead you interrogate the suspects,

collect the clues in museum’s Victorian era rooms,

and solve the mystery.

​We need your help figuring out who did it, what weapon was used,

and where the crime took place.

Was it Miss Scarlet with the candlestick in the Parlor?

Or perhaps Professor Plum used the revolver in the Stephen Crane room?

Interrogate the suspects, collect the clues, and solve the mystery

while enjoying a decadent dinner.

Join our cast of killers for an unforgettable experience

as we present for your entertainment,

in partnership with the Daytona Playhouse!

Clue Live. Fun, Food, and a Mystery to solve –

all in one memorable night!

Enjoy dinner and an evening of mystery on the riverfront at

the Lilian Place 1884 Museum!


111 Silver Beach Ave, Daytona Beach 

Includes 4 course dinner and mystery!

Check in 5:45-6pm at Lilian Place

Mystery Starts at 6pm

Mystery and Clues at Lilian Place

Dinner at Hotchkiss House

Includes a 4-course dinner - choose from chicken, fish or vegetarian.

Click below to purchase your ticket today!

$49.95+tax per person

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