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Your Donations help preserve history!  Thank You!

The Heritage Preservation Trust depends on your patronage.  With your help, we can accomplish our objective of preserving the past for the future. Please donate today!


HPT is a 501c3 nonprofit. Your contribution is tax deductible. 


The Heritage Preservation Trust receives no government funding for our operations, so contributions are critical if we are to continue our work to protect our irreplaceable architectural and cultural heritage.

Please help us make our history an important part of the future!

in-kind gifts... 

The Trust gladly accepts offers of in-kind gifts from individuals or businesses. They provide many invaluable goods and services to us over the course of a year. Some of the more common needs are: 

  • Printing 

  • Copying 

  • Lilian Place Upkeep & Restoration 

  • Trust Office Building Maintenance 

  • Food & Beverages for Events 

  • Graphic Design 

  • Advertising and Public Relations 

  • Photography 

  • Special Contractor Services for Preservation Projects

Tell Your Story for all to see for years to come.
Help preserve and restore the historic sites. 
Click below to start today...

In 2006, the Heritage Preservation Trust began with a meeting of 65 people devoted to preserving history. Since then this nonprofit group has preserved three of the oldest buildings on Daytona Beachside with Lilian Place 1884 Victorian Museum (open daily to the public) and the 1905 Hotchkiss House renovated into a cultural event site for cultural programs and private events.  The 2.5 acres of  riverfront property are open daily for the community.

    The Final Phase for the historic site is the ADA Parking Lot and Riverwalk. (Engineer design on our website).  Last year the Heritage Ball raised $21,000, but the total estimate for the Parking Lot/Riverwalk is $120,000.

   We hope you will support our Campaign to raise the additional $99,000 needed. Every donor of $500 + will be commemorated with an engraved paver placed in the Heritage Pathway at the site. All donations are tax-deductible.

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