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July 20 dining w spirits.jpg

"Dining With the Spirits"

in two truly haunted Victorian Mansions!


Dine while viewing a paranormal demonstration and

never before seen footage of our spirit inhabitants at Hotchkiss House. 

In fact, we set a place of honor for our resident spirits

at their own table so they may join us at any time. 

4-course Dinner Menu:


Appetizer - mini charcuterie board

Salad - Caesar 

Entree Choice: 

Chicken Piccata with lemon butter sauce

with garlic mashed potatoes & haricots verts


Filet tips with a toasted peppercorn Jameson Demi-glace

over garlic mashed potatoes with haricots verts


Pasta Primavera with Shrimp

with haricots verts

And for dessert:

Cheese cake with chocolate ganache & strawberries

Then from 8:30-10:00pm 

Lilian Place: Alive with Spirits from the Past?

Find out for yourself on an after-hours Paranormal Investigation! 

Touted by many as, “the most haunted house in Daytona Beach,” Lilian Place and the legendary ghostly activity has become a highly popular place for investigating paranormal activities!

$74.95+tax per person

Dining at Hotchkiss House 

 and a VIP Ghost Hunt at Lilian Place! 

Space is limited. Purchase your ticket today!

On the paranormal front, a complement of REM-pods, motion detectors, K-2 Meters, DVR cameras, are poised to measure any activity, with special attention given to the spirit(s) place setting.

History, Spirits and Legends events at Lilian Place and Hotchkiss House


***All photos, EVPs, etc. captured are for your entertainment and may not be published on social media or any media without express approval from  Lilian Place.

***Outside paranormal teams who wish to investigate should contact us at for additional fees.


All credit/debit/paypal charges will be under Heritage Preservation Trust.  We are a 501c3 nonprofit.  All proceeds go toward the preservation of 1884 Lilian Place and 1905 Hotchkiss House and the beautiful 2.5 acres of riverfront property.  Saved through Volusia County ECHO grants and partially funded by Volusia County Cultural grants.

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