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Honey Bee Yard (apiary)

Check out the new Honey Bee keeping area at Lilian Place:

Bees are essential to an abundant and thriving plant culture. We will share our experience of setting up and maintaining an apiary (also known as a bee yard).  Learn about the Bee Yard on Sunday's from 1-2pm from our bee keeper, John Dillard.

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Just like when you buy a common house pet, you have to learn how to take care of your bees. You need to know everything they need in order to maintain their health. You also need to know everything you should for your own happiness as their caretaker. 

Deep hive bodies usually house the majority of the colony’s brood, drones, and reserves of honey and pollen. The deep hive bodies are essentially boxes that contain frames of comb. 

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For a hive, you typically build two deep hive bodies to stack on top of each other, like a two-story condo. The bees use the lower deep as the nursery or brood chamber where they raise thousands of baby bees. They use the upper deep as the pantry or food chamber, where they store most of the honey and pollen for their use.

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