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Unexplained Phenomena at Lilian Place

Are there Spirits???

Our paranormal investigation goals are to solve or explain uncommon occurrences and unexplained phenomena, encounter the afterlife, and find the truth behind these encounters.

These are some of the ghostly encounters at Lilian Place...

lilian with lightning.jpg

Lilian Place

Built in 1884, it is the original home of the Thompsons,one of the founding families of Daytona Beach in 1875.  

Over the past many decades there have been many unexplained Ghostly experiences reported at Lilian Place. The most frequent tales of visitation involve a mysterious woman in a white dress who has been named Lucile by Daytona Beach residents.  Who is Lucile?  Many stories through the years have come to light.  But what is the truth?  Come investigate Lilian Place to help solve the mystery.

Check out the paranormal found during the past investigations at Lilian Place!


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