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Join the GASP Paranormal team at Lilian Place Museum for an evening of History, Spirits and Legends! 

 Book an exclusive paranormal investigation of Daytona's oldest beachside house! Experience a real ghost investigation with the professional GASP Paranormal team to communicate with the spirits of 1884 Lilian Place Museum!


Ghostly sightings have been reported at Lilian Place over the last 138 years.  Now you can investigate the unexplained paranormal phenomena.  Learn the history of the former residents and the legendary ghostly activity.


There are lots of true stories of haunts to share. Come discover who these spirits may be using paranormal investigative equipment under the guidance of the professional GASP paranormal team from St. Augustine, FL. 


Believer and skeptics alike will enjoy the evening ghost hunting after dark in the period rooms of the historic museum! 

From 8:30-10:30pm you can join in the paranormal experience!


Don't miss this opportunity!


Limited space nightly! 

Choose your night below to ghost hunt! 

Then select your investigation...

For Only $10.00 additional

per person join the

VIP Ghost Investigation*

Exclusive access to areas

not included in the standard

ghost investigation!

Ghost Investigation
$29.95 (+tax) per person
includes investigations on the
1st and 2nd floors of the Museum 

*VIP Ghost Investigation


$39.95 (+tax) per person 

includes investigations on the

1st, 2nd & "3rd" floors of the Museum 


**This experience is being conducted by GASP paranormal team, outside paranormal devices are prohibited during these exclusive History, Spirits and Legends events.  

***Outside paranormal teams who wish to investigate should contact us at for additional fees.

****All photos, EVPs, etc. captured are for your entertainment and may not be published on social media or any media without express approval from  Lilian Place.

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GASP paranormal investigators Ed and Martin are a professional investigation team out of St. Augustine, FL.  Their goal is to solve or explain uncommon occurrences and unexplained phenomena, encounter the afterlife and find the truth behind these encounters.

Ready to dive into a private paranormal investigation? Join professional investigators Ed and Martin on a 3+ hour private investigation!  Learn spirit communication techniques, and use paranormal equipment not used during the group investigations. Go beyond the typical ghost tour and be the Investigator as seen on the ghost hunting shows. View eye-opening evidence with fascinating factual histories and true stories.  Small groups of up to 6 people per investigator.

"Semi-private Investigation" $100 per person/per night

(Must have 10 people to conduct the semi-private private investigation per night.)

3+ hour - "One-on-One Investigation" with either Ed or Martin - $500 per person/per night

Private paranormal teams

Email to reserve your spot
- mention One-on-one or Semi-private in your subject and date you would like to investigate.  We will contact you to set up the investigation!