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"Night at the Museum"
Let the adventure begin...

Lilian Place Museum is where history comes alive!  Notes, clues, puzzles have been left by historic people to find the artifact, find the key, find the clues to escape the room, solve the mystery, find the treasure...within 60 minutes.


Mary Burgoyne, Lilian Thompson, Dr. Josie Rogers, Stephen Crane, James Gamble and Lucile (the ghost) are there to help guide you in your quest.

Each room is filled with a series of locks, clues and puzzles.  Players have 60 minutes to escape a themed room.  Work as a team and be observant to solve the mystery in each room before time runs out.

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Available July 8th & 9th from 4-10PM

The Museum ESCAPE ROOM is a fun, and interactive group experience that's a combination of a scavenger hunt and puzzle solving games.  Participants race to beat the clock and escape from a locked room in less than 60 minutes by finding clues, solving riddles and puzzles and by working together as a team.


  The goal is simple but the game is challenging.  With exciting room themes, challenging puzzles and clues, the Museum Escape room is fun for groups of any size and of any age!  Perfect for family outings, a night out with friends or a team building experience with your co-workers or teammates. Testing your skills and your ability to keep calm under pressure, this real life game experience will keep you jumping until the very end. 

Can YOU make it out in time?

Escape Room Items

Pirates on the Commodore!

Stephen Crane room…The year is 1897, as Stephen Crane is sailing from Cuba to Florida his ship the Commodore is boarded by pirates.  He is locked in his stateroom. They locked him in his state room to keep him quiet until they make him walk the plank.  Stephen needs to escape his stateroom to warn the Captain and save himself from taking the big step into the sea!  Help him escape!

For 2-4 people

ivory soap.jpg

The Lost Formula

Kitchen…Proctor and Gamble laboratories…It’s the year 1879.  Despite James Gamble’s knowledge of chemistry, the company’s discovery of a famous household product was purely accidental. The Gambles of Proctor and Gamble have lost the formula for Ivory Soap! Follow the clues from James Gamble to find the formula in the laboratory.  You only have 60-minutes or the formula will be lost forever!

For 4-6 people

victoran mystery.jpg

I Haven't got a CLUE

Dining Room…Lilian is your host…CLUE room you are trapped with a murderer.  One of you is the murderer. Was it Miss Scarlet in the Hall with the Dagger? or Professor Plum in the Dining Room with the revolver?  Assume a character and find the clues to find out who done it, with what weapon, in what room to unlock the door. 

For 2-6 people


Dr. Josie Rogers Lost Passport

Lilian’s Room…Josie Rogers, as doctor of Daytona for 50 long years she needs a vacation.  She has tickets to Cairo, Egypt and needs her passport to travel. But she can’t remember where she put it.  She needs your help to find the passport.

For 2-4 people

C.G. Burgoyne House  1982  Sandra DeArmas Lloyd; watercolor on paper.jpg

Burgoyne's Casino

Parlor...It’s the year 1929 and Charles Burgoyne has just died.  Mary, his now widow, has lost the key to the safe for Charles Burgoyne’s will.  Find the key so she may find the will and stay in her home forever…the Burgoyne Castle.

For 2-6 people

C.G. Burgoyne House  1982  Sandra DeArmas Lloyd; watercolor on paper.jpg

Burgoyne's Casino

Master Bedroom..